Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How do i delete a facebook advertisement?

Q. Ok, so me and my friend made an ad on facebook and we didn't understand that you had to pay for it so now we are trying to get rid of it and we cant figure out how!!! So, like i thought maybe if we delete the account and page would it delete the advertisement also since there would be no one to pay for it! We are really freaking out and scared because we can't pay for it! Please answer asap and i know this is in the wrong section i needed answers quick thanks so much everyone!!!

A. Facebook users to promote your brand, company, website or even your own Facebook page. These are running a specific ad within a campaign and want to delete it, you can do so easily through Facebook's ads manager.

1.Visit Facebook.com/ads and sign into your account. Click "Manage my ads."
2.Click on "Campaigns and Ads." Click on the campaign from which you want to delete an ad. The default campaign is "My Ads."
3.Click on the button beneath the "Status" column. Select "Deleted."
4.Click on "Confirm" when asked if you are sure you want to delete the ad.

how do you send a Page suggestion to ur friends on facebook?
Q. I've set up a fan page on facebook but I dont know how to send it to all my friends as a suggestion(confirm or ignore) rather than in a message.
Thank youuu!!

A. There is a drop down option on your page manager. Choose "MORE" below promote page with an Ad.

There is a menu option there called "Promote Page To Friends"

A pop up window will open where you can select friends, and suggest them to become fans of your page.

How much does it cost to manage a facebook ad?
Q. Say your budget was $5. Would it actually cost $5 per day?

A. The minimum cost for a click is $0.01. Though this is technically the smallest bid you can enter, in most cases this bid will not be high enough for your ad or sponsored story to be shown. Youâre most likely to receive impressions and clicks if your bid is in the suggested range that's provided in the pricing section when youâre setting up your ad. You can also monitor the suggested bid amount in the Ads Manager.

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